Garden Remodeling: Swimming Pool, Barbecue Area and Garage

Escala Vertical on March 31, 2018

As part of a study for the intervention site, there is a shed, pool storage and increased height of the non-adjoining walls, elaborated based on the recognition and survey of the place, as well as the programmatic objectives defined.
The project aims to communicate the construction of a carport, storage, swimming pool and ensure its integration in the surrounding urban context.

The lot where the urban operation is inserted is located around the existing house.
The land has a slight slope from west to east and the proposed model intends to divide the land into different levels to favor the experience of its inhabitants.
It was decided to create an element punctually linked to the existing housing organized linearly with a covered parking with a direct connection to the house and sheltered from the rain; storage, where tools and other support equipment will be kept outside; and a porch with a barbecue area, dishwasher and a table for several people, facing the pool, perfect for receiving visitors and enjoying a good sunny day.
All around the existing house, it was remodeled with paved pavement, pebble, grass and fruit trees were also planted.