House in Vale da Quinta

Escala Vertical on March 31, 2018

The land where the intervention is located consists of a single plot on a steep slope to the south, taking advantage of an advantageous sun exposure and a wide and vast view of green hills and agricultural nature. At the top of the land is the public road through which the property is accessed. In addition to having an agroforestry nature, the characteristics of the land make it a suitable place for a good location of a house.

Due to the elongated layout and with a steep slope of the land, the new house is located at the top of the land, next to the public road so that access is facilitated. From the entrance gate of the property, there is a road and pedestrian road that leads to the main entrance of the house and goes around the house to reach the basement level below. The proposed layout for this house was also designed to enhance the view that the land has.

The integration in the landscape is made through a strong relationship between the volumetry of the house with the slope of the existing land, the solar orientation and the system of views. In fact, due to its position and implantation, the proposed house allows an easy relationship between the ground floor and the basement, offering several points of connection with the land.
The villa is developed on a single ground floor and with a “U” logic with the pool in the center and due to the topography of the land, the gap in the basement is used. In this way, all spaces organized in a continuous way respect the disposition of the surroundings and contribute to a good development of life inside.

The villa is arranged in a “U” facing south and in the middle of it there is a swimming pool.
From a programmatic point of view, the main entrance is facing the public road. A corridor connects all spaces: Public, private area and stairs to the basement. The house organized in “U”, has in one of the “arms” the public area with a privileged view of the landscape and the pool, where is the living room, the dining room as a social space, which aims to serve daily meals of the house and provide conditions for indoor and outdoor living. The kitchen is organized in a “U” shape with a fast-food area, built-in appliances, a laundry room and a social bathroom, in the other “arm” is the private area with two bedrooms served by a common bathroom and, in the connecting member , a suite with a private bathroom and “closet”, where you wake up to the breathtaking view of the pool and the wide landscape.

The exterior of the house is characterized by great restraint in the intervention in order to change the existing topography as little as possible.